New patent-pending design with side sound vents for natural, directly focused and lesser feeback acoustic guitar sound.


Feedback Controller
By rotating the knob to fully close the sound hole, two side air vents get activated to still allow acoustic tones to come out from the guitar while preventing unwanted feedback. In open position, it allows acoustic guitars with installed sound hole pickup volume/eq controls to be accessed (remounting of pickup controller could be necessary).

Volume Controller
As a volume suppressor to dampen acoustic guitar volume that is particularly handy when practicing. Acoustic guitar sound at half-open also creates a new kind of tone, more focused and less boomy. When closed, the side sound vents point upward at the player for better and more directed guitar sound monitoring.

Made of black rubber and clear tinted nylon plastic.
The rubber has multiple grips to prevent rotational movement.
Easy to insert/remove.
Ergonomic design and guitar-finish friendly.
It will fit all standard 4-inch diameter acoustic guitar sound holes.

Made by:
Caster Tray Inc., USA

See us at:
Summer NAMM Show
July 18-20, 2019
Nashville Convention Center
Booth 1407

From Rubber Plug To Teracoustix Acoustic Guitar Feedback Suppressor

The standard rubber plug acoustic guitar anti-feedback has not gone much improvement though it has been around for a decade since its inception. It has been through difficult times with acoustic players until the patent-pending Teracoustix feedback suppressor was introduced into the acoustic guitar world scene at Summer NAMM Show 2019, booth 1407. It practically addressed the common issues associated with rubber feedback busters.

  1. I'm missing the natural acoustic sound when sound hole is fully plugged in live situations, I feel like muffled - When rotated fully closed, the Teracoustix has two side vents that get activated allowing the desired trapped sound frequencies to come out from the acoustic guitar, simultaneously, reducing feedback. Lesson learned; don't mess with sound quality just to get rid of feedback.
  2. The rubber plug covers the pickup controls entirely, it is impossible to access volume/eq of pickups which is commonly installed underneath the sound hole - The Teracoustix can be rotated to a half-open position to allow access to under the sound hole controls of pickups such as the Fishman and LR Baggs products (remounting can be recommended).
  3. Can I still keep the Teracoustix in my acoustic guitar sound hole even when not playing live or when unplugged? Yes, it can stay on the sound hole; no need to take it out can be an option. At half-open its can still give out natural guitar sound less the boominess and more tight sounding. When fully closed, the two side vents are positioned upwards, directing the sound towards the guitar player allowing better tracking of your playing. It converts to an acoustic guitar volume controller for silent practicing.